Soporte de carga inalámbrico de Mag360 2 in-1

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  • Cargue 2 dispositivos simultáneamente -El soporte de carga inalámbrico Syncwire admite la carga de la serie iPhone 14/13/12 (7,5 W) y AirPods (5W). La misma velocidad que el cargador MagSafe, carga completamente el iPhone 13 Pro en 2,5 horas.
  • Carga eficiente y confiable ?- La potencia de 7,5 W garantiza un uso ininterrumpido durante la visualización de videos, transmisiones por Internet y más. Snap sin complicaciones y carga sin cables.
  • Selección de caja compatible -Uso con caja MagSafe o sin caja para una carga óptima. Evite los casos no magnéticos y los accesorios que interfieren con la carga.
  • ¿ Diseño ergonómico y duradero - 360? Rotación, robusta articulación soporta 10.000 curvas. Base estable, ángulo de visión ajustable. Ideal para escritorios y mesas de noche.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Flexible ,Compact , Portable and multi faceted charger

The charger feels premium. Comes with the usb-c charger in the box . When using the magnetic wireless charger, my magstrip case worked right away . You just need to align the circles . If you have a normal case a magstrip is supplied in the box . I was able to charge my AirPods Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max simultaneously. You need to have a 20watt brick to get the best results . Very convenient when travelling as it makes it one less charger to carry . And love the tilting mechanism where you can tilt the phone to the desired angle .

Sleek and simple

This is perfect. Charges my iPhone 11 Pro Max all day long whilst working and Im able to receive notifications without picking my phone up like you would with a conventional charger. 5*****

Ben Gibson
Simple design, easy set up works flawlessly

I wanted something to make my bedside table less cluttered and messy with cables, this definitely did the trick.

The arm is sturdy but easy to move around and stays in place, the magnet it nice and strong so the phone just clicks into place. It charges in any orientation so you can watch a video in landscape mode.

The airpod space on the base is great too, but you need to make sure it aligns correctly. Clear LED in the base indicates when its charging etc

The supplied usb-c cable works well, if a little on the short side, fine if you dont need to reach very far to a wall socket.


Great product, really handy to have on your desk at work as you can charge your phone and look at it as well as charging your airpod case at the same time. Super handy and great quality.

Great for reading or watching videos anywhere!

This is very well made, i used with the 12 pro max, and had no issues, Unless using a MagSafe case you need to take the case off while in use,add the magnet sticker provided to use with the case, or have a phone that supports wireless charging,
I charged two phones at the same and it charges 5w on the base and 15w on the top, no complaints at all.. I'm looking forward to warmer weather when i can keep it in the garden while reading digital books or FaceTiming friends in the afternoons.
A great buy and this company has solid products. ????

M. Village
Apple would charge ?150 for this!

This is a great two in one charger if you own MagSafe products. The only MagSafe product I have are my 3rd gen AirPods which snap on instantly and are held securely with the top charger. If you have any of the iPhone 12 family or newer then your phone will stick right on.

The ideal setup here is a newer iPhone on the top and AirPods on the bottom. The only caveat I have is that you will need a MagSafe enabled case, assuming you use one. Having tested with an iPhone 12 mini (not mine) the connection was only possible with the case removed. The same is true of the airpods.

Kindly, Syncwire provide some magnetic charging rings to bring compatibility to older phones. This is a decent if inelegant solution. For now, I will use the bottom half for my phone and will wait until I upgrade to a MagSafe iPhone in futureAll in all, if you're embedded in the Apple ecosystem with a newer phone and MagSafe accessories, this is an excellent charger. Having bought Syncwire cables for years now, the brand is certainly of much higher prestige than a lot of the more generic brands you will come across, and I have absolutely no doubts about the quality of the product here.

mr a mohammed
Fast charge - Good quality

Great quality charger, very good finish. Feels strong build and very good magnetic hold for large heavy phones - used with iphone 12 pro max. Flexible head great for using phone whilst on charge. Stand very sturdy so wont fall over. Defo worth buying

Great iPhone Stand that also doubles as a fast charger

Ive bought maEasy to use great product! Plug into a USB 20 W adapter, not included, and you have an easy to use stand and doubles as a quick charger. While Magnetically attached to charge in the stand I can actually use the phone which I found very convenient.ny SyncWire products from IPhone cables to usb hubs and now, a wireless charger for my phone. Syncwire makes Amazing products and sells for a great price. Ive been using their cables for years and defiantly holding up better than an apple official wire. This Magnetic wireless charger is great for the home or your car due to its fantastic magnetic system. I believe its made more for the IPhone 12 as it works like the MagSafe connector but works flawlessly on my IPhone X with no issues at all. Charges pretty fast too. Love the simplicity of the product and love how I doesnt need cables anymore. Will recommend this product to individual in the future and looking to pick up additional Syncwire products in near future. Keep up the great work guys!

Interesting and convenient

As a prerequisite, I am using iPhone 13 Pro and it is compatible with MagSafe, but I am using a case (iFace Reflection) that is not compatible with MagSafe.

With this case attached, the magnetic force will try to slightly attract it to the charger.
It cannot be held by tilting the neck of the charging surface.

So I attached the metal ring that was included at the time of purchase to the case.
An installation guide was also included, but with the power of MagSafe, I was able to install the metal ring without hesitation.

In this state, it comfortably sticks to the charging surface, and you can change the angle of your neck as you like.
The height is moderate, and the neck is easy to move, but the angle holding power is high, which is very convenient.

However, after using this operation for several days, the metal ring was taken away from the charging surface.
I had to take it back and reattach it to the case, but to tell the truth, this state (metal ring is adsorbed on the charging surface) was convenient.

There is no need to attach a metal ring to the case, and if you bring it close to the charging surface, the iPhone will be adsorbed by MagSafe and the adhesive force, and it will not fall even if you change the angle of the neck. Convenient.

Regarding the essential charging function, first of all, this product does not have a power supply!
Please note that you will need to prepare your own.

If you have a power supply, you can charge it comfortably ?
On the charging side, it can charge up to 15W.
Even the pedestal can be charged with qi compatible 5W.

* With the iPhone 13 Pro without a case, the power of MagSafe will be fully demonstrated and it will be adsorbed comfortably.

Ms. Tmo
Ms. Tmo

This product is exactly what it says it is. I took off my case instead of using the sticker accessory & the magnet holds just fine. The charge is fast! It is very convenient to FaceTime with my loved ones while allowing my phone to charge. Overall, great product!